HealthSight works within existing health plan programs and infrastructure.

Adjudica’s mission is to transform group healthcare by providing critical financial and engagement tools that help employers and plan sponsors control healthcare spending and improve the health of their members/employees.

When it comes to healthcare benefits, employers and employees have different perspectives. Employers know the significant benefit that is provided, but struggle with escalating costs and lack of health improvement in their workforce. Employees view healthcare as the employer’s obligation, but have little vested interest or understanding of how they can impact the cost of care.

Adjudica’s HealthSight platform begins to address this fundamental disconnect. By providing critical healthcare spending and utilization information at the individual and group level and connecting this information through social engagement tools to established group utilization and spending goals, employees begin to understand how their actions can impact not only their health, but their personal costs and the costs for the group. Instilling a sense of group responsibility changes how employees think about their healthcare, promoting greater accountability for healthcare spending decisions and lifestyle choices that leads to better health and greater control of healthcare utilization and spending.

The HealthSight platform is designed to be seamlessly integrated into current plans or platforms and complements existing wellness and disease management initiatives.

The Adjudica solution is affordable and powerful — providing the essential tools to break the cycle of increasing healthcare spending and creating a sense for employers and employees of shared responsibility for healthcare.

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